About us

TrustMeUp: the revolution of foundraising

It is the first platform that rewards supporters for their donations with an equal amount of digital tokens called Passions Coins (PACs), which can be spent together with Euro (€), when shopping inside TrustMeUp marketplace, based on the percentage defined by merchants.

This way TrustMeUp realizes its mission to incentivize the number of donations made all over the world.

Transparency, democracy, inviolability and new wealth:

utilizing the blockchain technology we REWARD FOR DOING GOOD while creating a new DONATIONS ECONOMY.

Our Story

TrustMeUp was born from the idea to utilize the blockchain technology to change the fundraising sector for better and encourage donors to make their contributions.

In 2014, CEO Angelo Fasola, attended a speech about blockchain held by the analyst of the major bank. Since then he started to closely observe the blockchain industry and realized that this technology has the enormous power to change all big sectors: industrial, public, administration, financial and FUNDRAISING as well.

Together with his business partner, Carlo Carmine, Chairman of CFC Legal, they exchanged information on their knowledge of blockchain as well as the experience already gained in supporters trust, and in this way created an idea of an international ecosystem where non-profit organizations around the world meet their supporters to share goals and projects to be carried out together. 

Our Team

We are proud of work that is being done every single day by the whole team of the platform: from the creative ideas of marketing and communication department to the tech innovative solutions made by our IT development division, under the leadership of the management board, Chairman Carlo Carmine, CEO Angelo Fasola and CIO Luca Salvadori.