Want to boost your business and increase its online presence?

TrustMeUp offers you a simple solution to get your sales numbers up.

Our platform creates unlimited opportunities for every business interested in promoting its brand, product or service to the targeted communities and user segments that possess digital tokens (Passions Coins).

TrustMeUp web platform works as a powerful sales driver and an advertising tool with the possibility to showcase unique deals to donors who possess digital tokens to be spent inside the TrustMeUp marketplace.


Join The Donations Economy

Affiliation to the platform at Zero cost for the first 2 years

Business boost

You are given the TrustMeUp Product Gallery to showcase your products/services totally free of charge

Certainty in Your Sales

Thanks to TrustMeUp, you have access to the large number of “Ready-to-Buy” Users that possess digital tokens called PACs, (1 Euro = 1 PAC (Passions Coin)) received in return for their Donations made and intended to be spent together with Euro (€), when shopping inside TrustMeUp marketplace, based on the percentage defined by you.

Differentiate Your Business

Target your offerings to the specific customer segments and profiles of supporters from all over the World that possess digital tokens expendable only at affiliated merchants.

Join The Next-Gen Merchants

Get in early on the opportunity to spend the digital tokens when purchases from the other merchants

Supported Onboarding Process

You are given a personal assistant who will help you to onboard

See how it works for you:

  1. You fill out the contact form that is available on the TrustMeUp website.
  2. TMU support team contacts you to explain how to become a TMU Partner and verifies you for the final approval.
  3. Create a dedicated account for your business 
  4. Complete a merchant page and publish it into the TMU marketplace.
  5. Start selling
  6. Customers are redirected from the TrustMeUp product page to your own e-commerce and/or website.

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