Non-Profit Organizations

Looking for help to raise more funds for your non-profit projects?

We’ve got you covered by giving a new way to encourage your supporters to make their contribution.

Joining the TMU platform is a great way to attract more supporters to pay attention to the important causes by 100% rewarding them with PACs (Passions Coins), utility tokens by TMU, that can be spent together with Euro (€), when shopping inside TrustMeUp marketplace, based on the percentage defined by merchants.

Each registered non-profit organization can easily create a dedicated account within the TMU and manage the promotion of its projects, in a totally transparent way, thanks to the registration of the funds raised in blockchain. It can also monitor the number of supporters and access the donations received.

Gain the broad awareness of your projects
and every single idea that you stand for.


Join the Donations Revolution

Access to a new transparent fundraising channel at ZERO COST

A system of rewards for your supporters

With TrustMeUp, your supporters are 100% Rewarded in digital tokens, called PACs (1 Euro = 1 PAC (Passions Coin)) for each contribution they make to be spent together with Euro (€), when shopping inside TrustMeUp marketplace

Global visibility in an instant

Receive a gift of $10K Google AdWords to promote your projects through Google Adwords advertising campaigns.

Transparency and inviolability

Thanks to the blockchain technology utilised, your organization gains transparent positioning and increased trustworthiness of your non-profit projects among donors.

Centralized Management

Having an admin panel where you can manage your fundraising operations easily

Supported Onboarding Process

Send us a message using the contact form below and TrustMeUp marketing team will call you back to quickly get you started.

Here are the steps you take to get started:

  1. Sign up just in 60 seconds using your email or Google account
  2. Create your dedicated fundraising account
  3. Publish your fundraising project 
  4. Receive the donations
  5. Publish updates on the project and keep your donors informed


Thanks to your partecipation in the TrustMeUp platform,
if you’d wish so, all donors already present in your database will be able to receive the exclusive Welcome Kit

which can be used with a simple registration on the platform.

Free Welcome Kit includes:

100 PACs (Passions Coins) = 100 €
to spend in the ecosystem of TrustMeUp based to the platform’s rules

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