The TMU White Paper details the components and protocols at the foundation of it all.


Markets are increasingly moving faster and nowadays it’s very important to ride new online business opportunities. The Net moves enormous capital using new instruments as crowdfunding, social economy and blockchain: an investment in TrustMeUp is a concrete opportunity to see at the Economy of the Future.

Entering the TrustMeUp network now gives up the opportunity to enter the New Ecoinomy. We are witnessing a real revolution in the field of currencies and payment systems. The players are the cryptocurrencies which, in 5-10 years, will also make up the smallest daily purchases. And TrustMeUp uses Passions Coin to create more value in this new economic system.

Today in the Private Sales phase of our STO, we offer significant financial leverage and up to 15% profit share. For more informations: a.fasola@trustmeup.io

Public Sales will be launched next autumn and can already count on an investment of around 850,000 euros by the founders, in addition to important investors who have already believed in TrustMeUp.

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